Beware of schoolchildren IV


The children in this sign, outside the Botanical Gardens in Córdoba, seem to have put on weight compared with the signs of twenty years ago: Beware of schoolchildren I and Beware of schoolchildren II

Controversial sign in Stamford Hill


The artist who put up this and other road signs in Stamford Hill (London) reportedly thought he was celebrating local life. However, it got reported to the police as a hate crime. Maybe he was unaware of the significance of the red triangle, which makes the sign read “Beware of Orthodox Jews”. It’s a good job he didn’t use a red circle which would have read “Orthodox Jews forbidden”. Perhaps putting the figure on a blue square would have been better.

His series of signs remind me of Mythogeography.

More about the artist here and here.

Bascule bridge at Saint Savinien


Actually, it might be swing bridge. I didn’t see it working. If anyone knows for sure, please send a comment.

Photo taken in March 2016.

Cow near Chirbury, Shropshire


Montgomery Castle


Someone has painted spots on this cow.

Canalside in Saint Petersburg


Russian No-overtaking I


Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg


Not sure what is being banned here, but that is probably a picture of a boat, and it is saying don’t moor here. There is a mooring ring very close to the sign.

No walking on the grass


Saint Petersburg

No anchoring on the Kruyukova Canal, Saint Petersburg


No anchoring on the Moscow river


No bicycles in the Kremlin


No tractors with chains near the Zegri pass


Toad between Drakes Broughton and Besford


The sign is hinged, so that the toad can be hidden, presumably when drivers are not at risk of skidding on them.

Thanks Sandie.

No motorhomes at Port de Salines